Feeder Pigs/Pork Production


Our pigs are raised the way Mother Nature intended, on pasture.   The difference between pasture raised pork and what you find in the super market is between night and day.  A true pasture raised pork will be much darker red in color then what you will typically see in the store, filled with nutrients! Once you try some of our pasture raised pork you will have a hard time going back to store bought! 
You may have noticed unlike the other animals that are part of our team you do not see a breed listed here.  That is because one set breed did not give us what we were looking for. So, for our swine production we turned to Walter Jeffries at Sugar Mountain Farms in Vermont.  Walter has been selectively breeding his pigs for a northern climate, better meat, marbling, length, temperament, mothering ability and pasture grazing ability since 2003.  We secured our initial stock from Walter and will picked them up in June of 2019.  We currently have feeders and roasters available for immediate pick up.